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In brief:

Create new users in Active Directory with Mailbox on Exchange 2010 and a Home directory on a specified file-server with a few clicks on a single page.


Saving time for IT staff performing routine tasks so that more time for interesting things is available.

Without using this tool:

- Open Active Directory Users & Computers mmc
- Navigate to the destination OU
- Create the User account and add some basic information
- Add the user to permissions groups

- Open Exchange Management Console
- Find the new created user and attach a new mailbox

- Open the Explorer and navigate to your file-server share for the home drives
- Create a new folder
- Add NTFS permissions so that the new user has modify permissions on it

With using this tool:

- Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the URL you have published this tool
- Perform all required steps mentioned above comfortable on one page

Convince yourself:

Add basic information according to your rules, e.g. The password must meet certain criteria to be valid

Choose values, from a predefined list to avoid typing

Choose the OU where the user account will be created.

Choose Exchange related options like Mailbox Database, Retention and CAS Policy
alternatively, specify an external mail address

Specify account expiration date considering shortest time period, e.g. not less than 3 months

Choose the share where the home folder will be created

Add groups, even a partial group name will show suggestions

Maximum security as all operations are performed under the authenticated user security context

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